Membership Information

Z Club of Southern Oregon is a social club for people who own Z cars (from the original 240 Z’s to the current year’s model) and other “sporty” Datsun/Nissans.

We enjoy day trips, car shows, work days, parties and travelling to West Coast Z events.  Club members also share resources, information and expertise about their cars.  In addition, the club sponsors events, supports safe driving habits and assists local charities.

Membership Requirements: Membership in ZCSO is limited to adults, age 18 years and older, who own at least one Z car or other “sporty” Datsun/Nissan including, but not limited to 510’s, Roadsters and 240sx’s.  Dues must be paid in full and membership must be approved as described below.

Types of memberships: There shall be two (2) types of memberships available in ZCSO:

  1. Individual Membership:  Includes those members who have been accepted into ZCSO and have paid their annual dues as described below.
  2. Family Membership:  Includes those who live in the same household as an individual member and who have paid their annual dues as described below.

Acquiring Membership: Acquiring membership in ZCSO requires completing the following four (4) steps:

  1. Attending at least three (3) meetings or events.
  2. Submitting a ZCSO Application to a ZCSO officer.
  3. Payment in full of the dues as described below.
  4. A vote of acceptance by the ZCSO membership at the next ZCSO business meeting.  Acceptance shall be by simple majority of the members in good standing in attendance.

Amount of Dues: Annual dues shall be assessed to members in the following amounts:

  1. Single membership:  $24.00.
  2. Family membership:  $36.00.

Earned upon receipt: All dues are deemed earnest upon receipt and are non-refundable upon attaining membership in ZCSO.

Membership Dates: Membership dates shall be from April 1st through March 31st.  Those members joining between May 1st and March 31st will pay a pro-rated amount.


*Excerpts from Z Club of Southern Oregon By-Laws