Ted Metz: 1988 300ZX shiro edition

Let me introduce you to Teds 1998 300XZ Shiro Edition… actually let me let Ted introduce you:

It’s a 1988 300ZX shiro edition of which there was only 1002 made with a registry in the US of every state and city where every shiro resides. I found this one on the way back from the Canby Datsun meet while stopping for lunch in Eugene. It was parked in the lot so I put a note on it asking if they would like to sell it and they called the next day. The lady who owned it drove down from Eugene and I bought it. I have since put back on the front spoiler that was missing and had the Recaro seats reupholstered.

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  1. Drake says:

    One of the cleanest ” Shiro ” versions that I have seen in quite some time.

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