Jonathan Smith: 1972 Series 1

Well, its the third Z I’ve owned. I bought it on my 19th birthday for $250 bucks 2 replace the cherry ’72 I had just wrapped around a concrete bouy. I saved her from a crackhead who was using his once gorgeous 1970 series 1 to keep firewood dry. I got her running on the spot in his driveway & drove it up the street to change all the fluids. Found out it had an L28 instead of an L26 like the previous owner thought. I stripped out the my ’72 and began swapping on parts. The 5spd, rebuilt SU’s, MSA 6-1 jet coated header, MSD blaster coil & 8mm race wires, the racing seats, & numerous others. I still have the full interior w/all the trim & full dash and steering rack w/wood grain wheel, 4.11 geared R180 all still to go in. Last fall I tagged with flat black in an effort to reverse the cancer….its all go & no show….well…maybe a smoke show. Check out the burnout vids on youtube. Just type in “Z power baby” thanks for viewin my page folks.

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