Drake DeYoung: 1994 NA 300zx

Bought off of a police auction block while shopping for a 2JZ Supra. I was the only younger auction attendee so the rest of the buyers had little to no interest. I picked up this 1994 NA 300zx for around $1500. The wheels in my head started to autmatically turn ” NA to Twin Turbo Swap,Larger Turbos,Titanium Exhaust Manifolds,Greddy Titan full Exhaust and Downpipe, wiseco pistons, Front Mount Intercooler, Custon intercooler pipiing,oil cooler,550 CC injectors.dual 265 LPH Bosch Fuel Pumps,Strut bars, ” This is all within 10 minutes of seeing the vehicle.

Much much more to come

Keep up posted Drake!

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  1. Tony Jurado says:

    I am owner of a 77 280z (currently not running) and am looking for active z clubs in the souther Oregon area.

    Please email me with any details about your club. Thanks,


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